Dental Ozone

Is ozone natural?

Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three atoms of oxygen – an energised form of oxygen which occurs naturally as a result of ultraviolet energy or lightning. It protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays and it also cleans up smog. Ozone is the strongest oxidant in nature and a highly effective, naturally occurring disinfectant.

At Bangalow Holistic Dentist, we make high concentrations of fresh ozone water from atmospheric oxygen with a special machine. O2 becomes O3. It has no toxic side-effects. We use ozone for infection control in the clinic, for eradicating disease-causing pathogens in the mouth, and to support healing.

Infection control – non-toxic to you and to the environment

We ozonate our entire water supply, which includes the water that runs through our dental unit waterlines to cool our drills and scalers (which clean your teeth). The waterline tubing and thus the water, can become heavily contaminated with potentially harmful biofilm, which harbours microorganisms.

Rather than treating the waterlines with harsh chemicals, we use ozonated water, which is completely effective and non-toxic.

We also use ozonated water to clean all clinic surfaces, which eliminates the need for chemicals. Ozone as a cleaning product means you’re not breathing or swallowing chemicals. Plus, no chemicals enter the waste water.

Ozone as a therapy

Using ozone in dentistry is a paradigm shift. The goal of ozone therapy is:


  • To eliminate oral pathogens which cause infections
  • Faster healing


Why not treat oral infections with a naturally occurring substance, which is truly broad-spectrum, non-toxic and has no side effects? That substance is ozone – the energised form of oxygen.


There are three main delivery systems of ozone in dentistry:


  • Ozonated water
  • Ozone gas
  • Ozonated oil


Ozonated water and ozonated oils (such as olive oil) have the capacity to entrap and then release oxygen/ozone, an ideal delivery system for treating infections, such as gum disease. 

How is ozone used for gum disease?

The mouth is full of microorganisms. Usually they live in balance with the entire body but under certain conditions, disease-causing microorganisms can become the dominant life forms and create infection.


Ozonated water is a powerful oxidiser which effectively kills bacteria, fungi, moulds and parasites that cause gum disease. Pathogens have no natural defence against the powerful oxidative burst, and subsequently die.


  • Effective with no toxic side effects, so it’s the ideal biological disinfectant to eradicate the pathogens that cause gum infections.
  • Instead of irrigating the gums with a different antibiotic for each specific pathogen, we can simply use ozonated water.
  • Improves blood flow, enhances the body’s immune response and promotes more rapid healing. 
  • Ozone-infused oil is placed on the gums as an at-home treatment, to eliminate Infective pathogens in the gum pockets – a non-toxic, safe therapy which promotes better healing.
Ozonated water protects our staff and vulnerable patients from disease

Particles of potentially infective microorganisms from the patient’s mouth become airborne (aerosols) when drilling and scaling. Ozonated water flows through our drills and ultrasonic scaler to continually kill disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, in order to protect the dentist and his nurse who are directly in the line of fire. The air can harbour these aerosols for up to 30 minutes, so the ozonated water used in the dental handpieces and in the pre-procedure mouth rinse, also assists in reducing the risk to immune compromised patients in the clinic.


Note, therapeutic goals are inclusive and not exclusive of standard of care.